Social Media, an Important Part of any Online Marketing Strategy

There is a huge potential for companies to have a domineering presence online. Not only should it have a suitable website that can meet the demands of it’s customers and that promotes its services or goods. It should also have accounts on various social media websites. Usually free to join, many social media websites offer specialised services that can help a company with promoting its services furthermore to the right audience – Facebook has over one billion users with more than half of that figure using it on a daily basis. Some companies don’t register an account on social media websites because it is unsure if it’ll be entirely useful at all. Such apprehension should be ignored because social media can play a central role in a marketing campaign and here’s how:

Highlight discounts

When a company is running a sale during the summer or at other peak times of the year, such as Christmas, a link to a webshop can be posted onto social media. When a company has many followers or ‘likes’, greater traffic can be directed towards the link that has been posted.

Phrases become associated with a company

The words or phrases that a company wants to be associated with can be on its social media pages. By including them on a profile page, it can be found when a search is being performed. Having relevant words or phrases on social media can also help a company to be found on Google or any other search engine.


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Cheaper than traditional forms of advertising

Marketing a company needn’t cost a lot of money. Compared to traditional forms of advertising, such as billboards and newspaper adverts, social media costs far less. An account can be upgraded on LinkedIn and tweets promoted for a reasonable fee. If there are any concerns regarding the cost of joining social media, this isn’t necessary because, for hardly any money, it can have a massive impact on profit margins.

Discount codes can attract business

When a page is ‘liked’ on Facebook, a discount code can be sent via a message, which is redeemable in a webshop. After entering a discount code when placing an order, a certain amount is deducted. This is a positive marketing approach because the people that are sent a code could tell their friends about it. As a result, many more people can ‘like’ a page.

A personal touch

Although emails can be sent to a company, it takes a while. It is incredibly easy to send messages on both Facebook and Twitter. It’s also convenient because questions or comments are sent directly. When answered as soon as they have been posted on social media, it creates a very strong impression. If it takes a while for a company to respond to an email, negative word of mouth can spread online. However, when a company quickly answers any correspondence that is sent via social media, web users could tell their friends about them because of their positive experience.


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