4 Reasons You Should Wear a Wig

There was a time when wigs were reserved for those who had trouble keeping their hair. Women who had a receding hairline and other situations that people regarded as embarrassing made the subject rather taboo.

Thankfully, those days are over. Wigs no longer carry a stigma, especially since celebrities have been opening up about their own wig obsessions. Beyonce is known for her mane, which is part weave and part wig.

If you’re on the fence about wig ownership, it’s time to debunk some myths about the latest and greatest pieces. They’re no longer tacky, overheated, and fake looking (those are reserved for the Halloween sets). A lot of people are wearing them; you’re just unaware of it because they look so natural.

Here are the four top reasons you might want to invest in a wig now.

1. It’s better for your natural hair

Maybe you want a wig just to change up your look. You’re tired of the endless blow-outs, curling, lifting, and dyeing. A wig is an easy way to change your look, get the style you want, and keep your natural hair protected. Hair wasn’t meant to take the kind of abuse people subject it to every day. Plus, wigs protect your hair from sun damage.


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2. Stop waiting for the grow-out

Are you in the awkward fringe grow-out stage, or does your hair naturally grow at a snail’s pace? Biotin can definitely help, but if you’re short on time (and patience) a wig can give you the look you want instantly.

Whether it’s for a night out or you need wig pieces to fill an updo for a special event, there’s absolutely no reason you need to wait a few months (or even a day) for the luscious long locks you want.

3. The real fix for fine hair

Some people were blessed with thick locks, while others have struggled their whole lives with fine hair. If your hair is fine and/or thin, that’s genetics, and there’s nothing you can do — until now. Wigs give folks with fine or thin hair the thick locks they’ve been drooling over without the damage of teasing and the drying effects of hair spray.

4. It’s your little secret

You can be as outspoken or discreet about your use of wigs as you like. It’s your call, and if you’d rather keep it under wraps, it’s not hard to do when you get a great, quality wig from a respected retailer. This is your beauty tool, so use it as you see fit.


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