Impact of Educational Apps On The Youth

Software applications shortened as “apps” are programs or step by step instructions. These structured instructions are built to run on mobiles, tabs etc. The instructions can be pertaining to any requirement. Programs which cater to provide all information on education are called as educational apps.

There is literally an app for everything today. You just name it and they have it. Latest statistics reveal that there are close to 2.1 million downloadable apps on google store while Apple”s app store ranks second as it offers around 2 million downloadable apps and still counting, to its users. These staggering statistics are enough information to let one know the demand for apps.


Contributions of mobile apps

More than 80% of the population of the world uses a mobile phone today and these phones come with several built-in apps with an option of downloading apps of your choice. These apps have contributed to the wellness of human existence tremendously. Let us take a look at some of its effective contributions:

  • The variety of options it provides is humongous, right from educational apps being used at schools and homes to wellness apps for fitness, from apps for socializing all around the world to apps guiding your way to a destination, there is an app for every need out there.
  • Accessibility: These apps are readily accessible, just a click away. They are extremely user-friendly.
  • Learn without boundaries: This has to be one of the most important contributions, as it allows anyone from anywhere to learn any technology, language without having to worry about the distance and any such parameter.

Educational apps are one of the most searched and downloaded apps when it comes to a field other than social media and entertainment. They possess the potential to replace a whole classroom set up into a personalized experience for learning at the luxury of their homes. The demand for educational apps are rapidly growing and bringing about a whole new system of learning on the table. Not only at homes, but schools too have adopted and conducts special classes dedicated to the use of tablets by students under the vigilance of teachers. This practice enables students to help understand topics better as they get an audio and visual experience of their learning.

Most of these apps are free of cost, however some apps do have in-app purchases to unlock various other features.

Advantages of educational apps

Educational apps have revolutionized the way teaching was brought about amongst students. It no longer is a 60:1 student-teacher ratio. Listed below are few benefits of these apps:

  • One of the best collaborations of students and teachers
  • Provides a personalized learning experience
  • Excellent clarity of topics is provided as it enriches students with amazing graphics and visualization
  • Extremely accessible
  • Portable: You can carry your classroom anywhere.
  • Some apps run offline, nullifying the use of internet.
  • Learning is brought about by various fun and engaging games encouraging students to take up learning.

NCERT Solutions

Educational apps also provide information on NCERT solutions. Solutions for K-10 has been given by the NCERT. NCERT books have been carefully curated by a team of experts. These books provide students with solutions which has been solved by the subject matter experts from the examination point of view. Spending some time on solving and practicing on the lines of these solutions would be of great help to students from K 10

This was a little on how educational apps have changed the face of education forever. For more information on such interesting topics subscribe to BYJU”s Youtube channel.


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