Tips To Prepare Chemistry For JEE

Chemistry is one of the three sections of the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE). It is considered as one of the most scoring subjects in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Chemistry is one of those subjects which assure aspirants with good marks if they prepare well. The best way to prepare for any subject is to give plenty of time and do a lot of practice. Some smart tips to prepare Chemistry for JEE is given below.

Follow a Time Table

Without a well-structured timetable, it can be very difficult for students to cover the full syllabus of Chemistry. One of the most important tasks of any candidate should be creating a well-planned timetable which will help them to plan their preparation and will enable them to track their progress. A timetable will also help students to analyze their progress from time to time so that they can check how much they have improved.


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Syllabus and Pattern

The syllabus is the most important components for an exam. Students must know the syllabus and the exam pattern thoroughly to score well in the exam. Knowing the JEE syllabus for chemistry will help students to decide which topic should be prepared first and help them sort out the important topics that they should prepare for the exam.

Solve Question Papers

Solving sample question papers and previous years question papers should be a must for all JEE aspirants. Practicing JEE Main 2018 paper will help aspirants to sort all the questions topic-wise so that they can pay enough attention to the important sections. It will also help students to analyze their strong and weak sections of chemistry so that they can improve their weak section.

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