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Do you do your best to feel safe and secure using the worldwide information network? After all, today, the Internet is not just a convenient service where you can find all the necessary information: watch movies and TV series, communicate with friends and relatives and even earn inside the network. Also, it is a huge field for the spread of all kinds of threats, both external – in the form of outsiders, states, and detractors who are interested in obtaining your personal information, but also internally – in the form of cookies, viruses, endless mailings and advertising.

But what to do to reliably protect yourself from a daily routine in the Internet space? Try to use Utopia P2P Ecosystem – a reliable assistant in matters of Internet security!

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Advanced process control

Utopia P2P Ecosystem is based on 3 priority technological principles:

  • Decentralization: Utopia is a peer-to-peer architecture that does not use a single server to store user data. According to it, each user is its server, which stores personal information.
  • Encryption: Multi-level encryption securely stores and protects each user”s data, thanks to the use of the Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES. Such method is the most advanced and reliable among all existing at the moment.
  • Anonymity. The use of Utopia is entirely anonymous. When registering, the system does not ask for personal data of users, nor names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Instead, it generates a personal key that will simultaneously open access to the data store, and be the user”s nickname.

Also, Utopia is suitable for use on any operating system. The most important thing is to have a stable connection to Wi-Fi.

With regards to functional tools, users can use available features:
uMessenger: A messenger that sends and receives instant messages from users. It can be text and voice messages that will be securely encrypted. Besides, you can create private chat conversations, as well as channels to communicate with subscribers.
uMail: A file-sharing service that transfers files and documents of any format and size securely and confidentially. In addition, thanks to the Hybrid Mode, the user can simultaneously use uMail and uMessenger in one open window.
Idyll Browser: An anonymous browser that does not monitor the user”s movements inside the system. It does not track IP, does not request cookies, and does not ask to go into the incognito mode to perform any actions. It is based on uNS technology: all sites have already been created and are in the public domain.
uWallet: To perform anonymous and secure electronic payments allows an electronic wallet that stores the system”s cryptocurrency – cryptons. With their help, you can make or accept any payment within the system. You do not need to transfer personal data, card data, etc.
Mining bot: Increase the number of available cryptons allows Mining bot, which charges them to the user”s account, for every 15-minute session through the ecosystem.

Evaluate all available features today! Use Utopia P2P Ecosystem – the latest technology for complete Internet security!

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